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Audition Schedule
We hold auditions every Fall Semester

Sept. 12th & 13th, from ​6pm-8pm
N. Eldon Tanner Building (TNRB) #151

Callbacks: Saturday Sept. 14th 8am-9pm.
Finalists will perform in a free-to-the-public show at 8pm that night.

Auditioners only need to be present Thursday OR Friday, but MUST be available ALL DAY Saturday to advance.

How it Works



Finalist Show


What We Look For:
Sense of Humor · Stage Presence · Originality · Humility · Teamwork

Things to Know


Divine Comedy is a BYUSA Club. You must be eligible to join a BYUSA club. 


The time commitment for Divine Comedy is Tuesdays 7-10pm most weeks and Saturday 10am-2pm every-other week. Show weeks (2 times per semester) we will meet Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat leading up to performances. 


Auditions are open; everyone can come watch, so bring your friends to support you! You don't have to schedule anything in advance. In fact, many of your favorite Divine Comedians tried out on a whim.


Callbacks go out Friday night, you could be notified as late as Midnight. You'll need to be available all day Saturday (8am-10pm).


90 Seconds.

You have a minute and half for your audition. You CANNOT go over. 


Keep it Clean.

DC only does clean comedy. Any swearing is a no-no. We also do not tolerate any bigoted, racist, or otherwise offensive humor.


Be Original.

You'll be disqualified if you use someone else's material.


Be Funny, Whatever That Means.

Funny can mean so many different things so be creative!


Other than that, it's up to you. We can't wait to see your audition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other people be part of my audition?

Yes, but we want to see what YOU can do. If you have someone else on stage with you, their part should be minimal/completely supporting your act.

Do I have to be an acting/theatre major to audition?

No! While Divine Comedy is technically part of the TMA department, Divine Comedians come from all differing paths of educational pursuits. We welcome all, and as long as you're a BYU student, you're good to audition!

What if I can't make it on time?

That's not an issue. We'll be there the full time from 6 to 8 on both Thursday and Friday, so if you can't make it right at 6, you can still audition without penalty.

I want audio/visual material as part of my audition (songs, slides, etc.). Is that a possibility?

We will try to have cast and crew available to help run tech if you're in need of it. That being said, technical things don't always run according to plan, and you don't want your whole audition ruined because there was a glitch with your audio/visual stuff. If you must use tech as part of your audition, we recommend figuring out a way to run it that doesn't rely on external factors outside of your control. For example, if you need to play a song, you could possibly figure out a way to play it from a Bluetooth speaker from your phone instead of trying to get it to play on the speakers in the room.

What happens if I go over 1 minute and 30 seconds?

We will stop you. Even if you're in the middle of a sentence, we will call "time" and ask you to leave the stage. Unfortunately we can't let anyone go over that time constraint because we usually have a good number of auditions to get through, and we can't be there all night. It's highly recommended that you time your audition beforehand to make sure you don't go over. And during the actual audition process, we will have a 30 second warning to help you gauge the time you have left.

How do callbacks work?

We'll give you a call Friday night if you've gotten a callback and fill you in on the details then. Just know that there are multiple rounds of callbacks, and you'll need to be available all day Saturday if you intend on making it to the cast.

Can I still be involved with DC if I don't want to audition/if I don't make it to the cast?

Yes! We are always looking for dedicated crew members that can help us with the technical side of our shows. It's a fun and relatively low-commitment way to get involved with Divine Comedy, and you'll even get class credit for doing it! Reach out to any of the cast members if you think this is something you're interested in.

Tips from the Cast
  • Don't perform what you think we'll like, perform what's funny to you. You'll love it so much more and it'll show on stage.


  • Lots of people audition with a stand-up routine. There's nothing wrong with that but DC is a sketch comedy group. The best stand-up auditions are one's that integrate aspects of sketch comedy.

  • Practice makes perfect. When you practice beforehand you can bring out little quirks that make your auditions stronger. 


  • You won't have a microphone. Make sure you enunciate and project your voice so people can hear you.


  • If you can do some good impressions, more power to you. But just doing an impression won't get you far. Make sure there is a funny concept/purpose for the impression.


  • Have fun with it! Everyone is nervous when they audition, but don't let that stop you from having fun on stage.

That’s it! We’ll see you at auditions. And remember, everyone is welcome to come to the auditions, so even if you’re not auditioning you’re more than welcome to come support those who are. Bring friends! A full house makes for a better show, and it's free fun! Break a leg!* 

*Divine Comedy is not responsible for broken legs

Also! Before you go: if you want to see a good example of an audition, check out Garrett Vickery's audition. It's a little longer than the allotted 90 seconds (because this was performed at the finalist show; the original first audition was under 90 seconds), but hopefully this can spur some inspiration for your own audition :)

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