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Divine Comedy's Summer Adventures

School's back in session and summer is over...sniffle, sniffle. But hopefully you had a blast! Divine Comedy sure did! Let's fill you in on what the gang was up to!

We started the summer off by visiting New York City! We learned lots of new things like:

-Don't look up or you'll seem like a tourist.

-Pedestrians don't obey traffic lights and just cross the street whenever they can.

-Street performers are very talented, but if you're not careful they'll take your money. Poor Kevin...

-Bryson can't do a New Yorker accent to save his life. (It sounds more like a wounded Australian)

-Brad's clothes fit better on Kevin and Matt.

-Matt always disappeared and roamed the streets by himself making all kinds of friends.

-Subways are just trains under the ground.

-To save money eat every meal at 2 Bros Pizza.

-Tori scales to the tops of giant rocks.

-Brad served his mission here.

-If you want cheap name brand accessories, go to China Town and they'll find you.

-A lot of comedy groups aren't that clever because they just rely on inappropriate jokes involving swears and innuendos, but we don't judge.

We did several summer shows over the last few months including NSO at BYU, a High School Grad night at 4 AM (we were pretty tired) and a performance for at a summer camp for kids with cancer. We love all the shows we did, but the most unique and interesting was the summer camp one. We're not used to having such a young audience. All the kids there were between 6 and 12. It was so interesting to see what they found funny and they laughed at the most random things. If only we could all be like little niños and easily laugh at the smallest of things. It was pretty awesome.

Along with writing sketches, we've been really busy working on some other projects. We did a video for Cougar Cash and OIT. If you don't already know, Cougar Cash is money that you put on your BYU ID card that you can use all over campus for food, printing, and buying stuff! It's tax free so it saves you lots of money in the end.

To finish off the summer, we got ready for Auditions. The end of August, beginning of September is always an exciting time of year because we are looking for new and fresh talent to join Divine Comedy. If you're interested in auditioning for DC, read this page for more information:DC Auditions. If you don't want to audition, come watch for free! We're also having an Audition show on Sept. 5th at 8 PM in TNRB 151 featuring the finalists. 

Join us for an exciting brand new year full of awesome shows with new sketches, more laughs and tons and tons of glowsticks! Follow the funny Facebook,Instagram,TwitterandYouTube. Our first show is Oct. 9th & 10th. Can't make it? Come to a free tech show on Oct. 6th. Let's do this!

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