Divine Comedy is a student run production dedicated to providing the funniest clean comedy you've ever seen while fostering a spiritually strengthening environment.



In 1994 two BYU students, Sprigg Davis and Mike Rasmussen, were in a communications class together and found that they had a common love of sketch comedy. They decided to start a comedy troupe. They held auditions and Divine Comedy was born.

Steve Jenkins was the OG cast member who came up with the name Divine Comedy and our angel mascot was named Steve in his honor.

Each year a few members would leave the group and they would hold auditions to replace them, which makes being in Divine Comedy is a bit like being the Dread Pirate Roberts.

How do I join Divine Comedy?
Divine Comedy holds cast auditions every September to replace graduated performers. See our Auditions page for more information. If you’d like to be on our crew (video, backstage, marketing, etc.), send us a message our Contact page.


Is Divine Comedy a club?
No. Divine Comedy used to be a club under BYUSA. As Divine Comedy’s popularity grew, BYUSA became increasingly uncomfortable with our power until they eventually invited us to leave. Now Divine Comedy is a TMA sponsored organization like Living Legends and Vocal Point.

What is the difference between DC and Studio C?
Studio C was created by Divine Comedy alumnus Matt Meese and focus on a more general audience while we focus more on BYU. DC was also first but Studio C is way more famous and stole a lot of our thunder. We're not bitter.

Can Divine Comedy perform at my event?
Yes! DC has performed at events all over the country, from New York to Hawai'i. Message us on the Contact page for more information.