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We're dispersed for the Spring/Summer, but we'll see you in September!

What to Expect


Tickets are $5 online or $6 at the door. 


Free Show:

The Tuesday before each show we have a Free Tech Show. No glowsticks, but plenty of fun! All we ask is for your feedback so that we can polish our performance before the Friday and Saturday shows.

Getting a Good Seat:

To get a good seat we recommend that you get in line about a half-hour early. Keep in mind we frequently have a packed house, so we ask that you don't save seats or spots in line.

Be Prepared:

Our shows are high-energy, family-friendly, and have something for everyone! Grab a friend and get ready to laugh. 


Glowsticks are thrown into the audience's waiting arms, and our aim isn't perfect, so keep one eye open. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!

Statistics and Facts:

  • 15% of dates to Divine Comedy lead to eternal marriage.

  • Laughter makes you more attractive.

  • 9/10 of dentists recommend Divine Comedy for a better smile.

  • Divine Comedians’ tears can be bottled and used to grant the drinker unlimited wealth or beauty. Not both, pick one.

Any Questions?

What is the free dress rehearsal show that is advertised on your posters?

Before each show, we do what we call a "tech show" where we make sure all the light, sound, and visual cues are working smoothly. We ask people to come watch us perform this dress rehearsal so we can get audience feedback on our sketches. This show is always clunkier and less polished than our actual shows, and glowsticks and candy are not involved--that's why it's free.

All your shows were sold out before I could get tickets, will you have another show?
That's doubtful, but if all shows for the month sold out it's possible we'd hold a bonus show. Bonus shows depend heavily on how busy the DC team is and if we can reserve the venue. We recommend buying tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Can we take pictures or film the shows?
YES! Please do! And tag us on our social media when you do! However, if you're planning on filming whole sketches to watch them later, you don't need to worry about that. We'll have a video there to film the sketches which will then be uploaded to YouTube.

How long are the shows?
Each show is approximately 75 minutes.

What do you do with the money from the ticket sales?
No one in Divine Comedy gets paid. Most of the money goes to paying for the auditorium, equipment, props, costumes, glow sticks, and any other production related cost. Any leftover money goes to our sponsor, the Theatre Media Arts department.

Can my kids come to the show?
Divine Comedy is all about clean comedy that the whole family will enjoy. At no point will you have to shield your kids eyes or ears (unless they're trying to put a glow stick in their ear).

Past Shows

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