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BYU's Premiere Sketch Comedy Group



Join Divine Comedy as we venture into the great unknown, visiting the strange and fantastical lands of the forgotten realms and our mother's basement. After Kevin J, the Great Wizard of the Cosmos announces his departure, it's up to our brave adventurers to vanquish Provo's most despicable evils on their own. Will our adventurers succeed? Or will they roll a natural 1?

Join us for this partially improvised headliner where the roll of the dice is king! Also, we've got a whole lineup of brand new sketches plus a couple of greatest hits you may have seen before. This is a show that won't drag on (get it? like dragon? drag on? I promise we write better jokes than this for our actual show plz come).

Current Show
Questions about what to expect during a show? Check out our Shows page.


Do you like to laugh? What a coincidence! We love to make you laugh. Why should it only happen once a month? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free funnies.

Every Teen Drama...Ever
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We search far and wide to find the funniest people who are willing to work for only college credits. Why not get to know the people making you laugh?