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2014 Year in Review

2014 has been an amazing year for Divine Comedy! Let us take you down memory lane for a bit, shall we? First off, it was our 20th Year Anniversary of existence! Thank you fans everywhere of every species for giving us purpose in life!

Winter Semester of 2014 was full of some epic shows with spectacular performances from all!

Sadly, we lost 3 of our finest Divine Comedians in April. Curse you career goals, life pursuits and graduating from such an awesome university!

However, with every loss, we have more additions by holding auditions! Our Auditions this year were off the heezy with over 105 people who came out to show us what they've got! We were only looking for 4 people to become a part of our team, but with divine inspiration from the heavens,  we ended up taking 6 new members!

Our new Divine Comedians started off strong with incredibly strong performances. We gave the peoples of Provo some more amazing shows during Fall Semester, receiving off the chart reviews! We even made it in the paper! Twice!


We concluded the year by saying goodbye to a dear friend.  Why'd he have to graduate? Sniffle, sniffle.

We've had lots of laughs, some tears, and a bunch more laughs. 2014 has been pretty legit. We look forward to even bigger and better and funnier things in 2015. Here's a look at what's coming your way! Get excited because Divine Comedy is gonna cause your soul to burst with eternal joy and laughter for months to come!

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