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An Oder to......Something. There Must Be Something Positive in There...By Emily

2:00 am

It’s black outside, but

Yellow light lets me see the pages in my textbook 

         And see the inside of my eyelids 

         And then the pages of my textbook again; a little blurry this time

I should just sleep

In bed. Nice.

Car headlights cast shadows on my wall


               That’s not an unwanted visitor in my room, right? 


               Pull that sheet up a little further, though. Just in case.


My phone vibrates

My phone vibrates

My phone vibrates

Is that my phone?

      Where is it? 


     Oh, there it is


      That screen is BRIGHT

Whattime is it? 

      Gotta go fast/Gotta go fast

Oh wait, my roommate is still asleep 

     Gotta be quiet…gotta bequiet


                  Is my homework under pile of clothes #1 or pile of clothes #2

                  Which books did I need for class today? 

                  Ah, there are my converse!

This would be so much easier if I could just turn on the light

Isn’t the sun up yet? 




7:30 am

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