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Becca (A.K.A Bex)

In my audition piece for DC, I made fun of Mormon blog culture so I see Fate smirking down at me as it is now my charge to write the first accredited post for DC’S new blog.  But anyways, On October 10th, in theatres you can Meet the Mormons, but on that very same day, you can come to Divine Comedy’s opener and meet me!!! (Seriously I better see you there). My name is Becca but lots of people call me Bex. My family sometimes calls me Beekstar and one girl I met on a cruise was completely convinced my name was Jessica. This is my first semester at BYU and I’m so totally loving it! When I grow up I want to be an aristocrat that can sit around eating petit fours and chatting all day, but my major is Business (its good to have backup plans).  Provo, Utah is definitely different from Cincinnati, Ohio and although I miss the trees and mixed theology, I’m doing my best to drown my sorrows in In-and-Out milkshakes.  Did anyone else have trouble adjusting? Sometimes I forget I’m in Utah and get really excited when I see someone wearing a CTR ring before realizing I am no longer the 2% (#OccupyOhio). You can read more about me in my cast bio and ask any questions below in the comments! (PLEASE COMMENT…)

Speaking of teeth, I thought I’d open up our blogging era with an embarrassing story!!! Yay! Who doesn’t like laughing at others expenses? (Just keedin, but I hope you like my story anyways.) When I was about 8, I had braces on just my four front teeth, a really attractive look for an already awkward pre-tween. As it was the hip thing to do, I got colored bands around the braces, a particular time picking green and purple.  This would’ve gone by without too much notice, but it was under this color scheme, I lost my front tooth. Left with a lone front tooth and stripped of my pride, I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth! (Vanity is powerful, guys.) I looked like and idiot. I have two older sisters who quite enjoyed my new look. They started calling me  “Barna-fang,” after the purple dinosaur’s inspired colors, and my single toothed status. They would chant it around the house so often, finding ways to weave it into conversations in the church lobby, or shouting it across parking lots.  It upset me so much my mother eventually banned it from the family’s vocabulary. Despite its censored status, Barna-Fang would reappear from time to time, much to my chagrin.  I’ve done my best to destroy any photographic evidence, but if anyone can track down my sisters, they might have some stashed away.  Do you guys have lovable siblings who loveably tease you? Also tell us what you want to hear from your DC cast! I love you if you took the time to read my silly writing! And I love you if you didn’t, cuz that’s the type of girl I am.  See you guys October 10th!


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