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Embrace Your Uniqueness

I learned growing up that it’s okay to be yourself; to take the things that are different about you and to 

embrace them. People shouldn’t change who they are to be different, or to fit in. They should just be. I 

personally have grown up just doing my own thang: 

  • Taking singing lessons instead of dance, soccer, gymnastics, piano, violin, other young girl 

  • endeavors, etc. (I tried the others…they weren’t my calling)

  • Had a birthday party where I asked for donations to an animal shelter instead of gifts (WOW, SO 


  • Went to a movie theatre alone and brought hot homemade chicken noodle soup to keep me 

  • company (YUM in my tum)

  • Said things like “YUM in my tum”

  • Worn my grandma’s clothes, and other things: socks with Birkenstocks

  • Eaten a lot of cheese

  • Eaten a lot of mayonnaise (Health comes first)

  • Walked out of scary story sessions because I’m too afraid (Took an arrow to my pride, but a level-up to the amount of sleep I got that night)

  • Enjoyed some Ke$ha (Which is only out of the ordinary because of my other music tastes

Those things aren’t that out there, but they make me me.  And we all have things that make us unique, 

and that’s important. It’s empowering to just be yourself, and accept the things about you. 

Divine Comedy gives me an outlet where I have friends that accept me and we all work together with 

our own talents and uniqunesses, and that supportive environment is something I hope everyone can 


- Emily

Say hello.

Twitter: @M_ily_h

Instagram: @emily_hein

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