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My Name is Bryson. I'm a Divine Comedian. This is My Story.

​My name is Bryson. I’m a Divine Comedian. And this is my Story. As I’ve concluded my journey with Divine Comedy, I have pondered and reflected at how much DC has changed and blessed my life.

My first exposure to Divine Comedy was August 2011 when I was a young freshy attending their performance at the Freshman Orientation Saturday Finale! I was blown away. I loved it! I had never experienced such fun, clean, amazing, hilarious, smart comedy before. After the show, they announced auditions and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. 

Tangent: I credit Divine Comedy for me meeting my wife. Let me tell you -                  

It was the night before I was going to audition and I was at my sister’s apartment practicing my audition piece. She laughs at everything so I knew I needed someone else’s opinion. I opened up the door and a group of girls were walking down the stairs. “Hey, get in here!” I yelled. “Okay!” They responded. So I did my thing and I’m pretty sure they were thinking, “what the freak.” They were pretty weirded out. I’m not gonna lie, my audition was pretty weird, but they liked it (I think). One of those girls was a beautiful girl who I was too scared to talk to (because I had only been home from my mission like 2 weeks and I was still scared to attempt to woo the female-kind). Her and I later became friends, went on one date which was horrible, didn’t talk for like 2 weeks, then started hanging out a lot and then she miraculously started liking me back. We started dating (2 months after we had met), we then got engaged 14 months later, and got married 4 months after that. (Despite what some say, hanging out and being friends actually works). 

Back to auditions now. I performed my audition and it surprisingly went very well. I got a call that Friday night inviting me to callbacks the next day. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited! After a morning of callbacks, they gave us an hour and said that the finalists would be posted on thedoor. Gulp… But then, what do you know? I made it to the Final Audition show! I was boggle-minded. (Fun Fact: 3 of the other 6 finalists were Lauren Meese, Stacey Harkey and Stephen Meek. I know right!) We had to memorize and rehearse an entire show in like 4 hours and we performed it that night. After it was over, I went home. It was late that night when I received the call. James Perry called me and gave me the news. I unfortunately did not make it. He said that they loved me and wanted me to audition next year though. After hanging up, I broke down and sobbed for hours…Just kidding! I didn’t cry. I was pretty bummed but was like, “Hey! There’s always next year!” PS. I really didn’t cry, honest!

A full year of enjoying DC shows passed. It was a great year. My girlfriend at the time (who later became my wifey) went to all the shows with me and we loved it. For whatever reason though, I always sat in that one seat that never got any glowsticks. Everyone around me had glowsticks, but not me! I have so many memories laughing and getting lost in these worlds and situations that DC would create on stage. I was also one of those people who would show up 1.5 hours early to get in line to try to get good seats. I absolutely loved DC and couldn’t wait to audition again and finally be a part of it!

Auditions 2012 came and I was pumped! However, I knew I had to do something better than my previous year’s audition. But what? I came up with some super lame and cheesy superhero monologue thing. The good thing is that they were taking 5 people this year compared to last year’s 2. I did my audition and it did not go well. I was scared. Did I really just mess up my chance to be in DC? It was late Friday night. I was too nervous and worried. It was getting later and later. Last year they called me before midnight. This year it was 1:30 am when I got the call. I barely scraped by and they told me to bring it at callbacks! I got there more nervous and worried than ever. I wanted to stand out, but how? What could I do? I was put in two different groups, both of which I did not do well in. I did not stand out, I did not speak up and I pretty much destroyed myself. The lunch break came; I went to Diana’s apartment and was sad. I told her that I didn’t think I made it. I was beating myself up. I got to the door in the TNRB. I looked and saw that my name was missing from the list. I was distraught. I was crushed. I had failed.

​Another year passed. Auditions 2013 approached and I decided that I was not going to audition. Why try? I didn’t make it the other 2 times. They obviously don’t want me. But then I came across a video link on facebook. It was an epic video that DC made to advertise auditions. It pierced my soul; it spoke to my heart. Instantly, I knew I had to audition. I told my wife and she was like, “Noooooo!” She saw how crushed and destroyed I was the year before when I didn’t make it and she did not believe that I had a chance of making it this year. Husbands shouldn’t do this, but I didn’t listen to her. I auditioned! And miraculously, I made it to callbacks and the final audition show without any nerves, stress or worries. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it in, but I felt much more at peace about the whole thing this year compared to the previous two. I was at home with my wife just talking about things when my phone started ringing. Was it gonna be good news? Bad news? I didn’t know… I answered and Stacey’s sad voice was heard. Oh well…at least I tried, but then all of a sudden I heard screams of joy and happiness coming through the phone. Wait, what? I made it? I finally made it into DC!? A Christmas Miracle!!!

So I got into DC. My wife and I couldn’t believe it. Let’s just say, I didn’t know what I got myself into. I didn’t realize how much time, work, sacrifice and dedication it took to prepare for shows and to make Divine Comedy as awesome as it is. It was nuts! But I loved it and it was completely worth it. I’ve learned so much about so many things while being in DC and have made eternal friendships with some amazing people. I cannot express how much I love Divine Comedy and how much it has blessed my life. I have such a connection to what DC is and means to people. To some, we’re just a goofy group doing silly things on stage. To others though, we are a source of happiness, hope and rejuvenation. I’ve been on both sides and I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for the cast members before me, the ones I worked with and for the ones to come. They changed my life and I love them. Divine Comedy is a beautiful mystical creature that will continue to make people laugh forever. What they do on the DC stage is truly magical and I’m grateful I was able to be a part of it.


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