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The Newest Divine Comedians

Divine Comedy just had an amazing Auditions weekend. We just want to thank everyone who came out and auditioned. We haven't seen this much talent in a long time (which made the decision even harder, so thanks a lot). We also want to thank our amazing audience that came out. You are the fuel to the humor and we appreciate your love and support towards all who auditioned. 

From the 127 people who auditioned we only called back 20. This was an extremely hard decision because of all the talent and funny that we saw, but it had to be done. After a super fun morning of callbacks it was time to choose the finalists. If the first cuts were hard, this one was even more difficult. We decided to take 8. All 8 finalists only had 4.5 hours to memorize, direct and rehearse several sketches in preparation for a full on show that night. It amazes us every year how the finalists do it, but they do! And they did so well! The Audition Show was jam packed, with lines of people flooding out the doors. It was ridiculous and it was awesome! All 8 finalists were sooooo good! They were incredible! Outstanding! Beautiful! Which made everything that much harder. Our hearts began to shatter into thousands of pieces at the thought that we could not take them all. 

The time came, and after many hours of deliberation, discussion, pondering and several prayers as a group, we selected the next Divine Comedians. The Spirit filled the room as we knelt in prayer and oh how the tears cascaded down our faces (not all of our faces, but most). We are so grateful that we involve the Lord in the audition process every year because it helps us have peace of heart and mind knowing that it's not using choosing the new members, but Him.

Without further ado, the newest Divine Comedians!

Kayla Peel

Alena Helzer

Dalton Johnson

Addison Jenkins

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