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Towing Batman

Man! Parking in provo is the absolute worst, am I right? One time I got towed because I was parked at my fiancée's apartment without a permit. Dang it though I couldn't believe my eyes, my car was just gone, it was kind of a traumatic experience, because I had been parking there for months and nothing had happened. It cost me 175 bucks to get my car out of the impound! Oh well, I guess I was naive for expecting a warning, or a less expensive boot, or like a ticket or something... So I learned my lesson, we all have to grow up sometime. I find out later that they have guest parking passes that were valid 'til midnight just magnet-ed to their fridge, so people can take them and put them in their car to be able to visit them. So I grabbed one and put it in my car, so everything was fine....


I was at Meg's house on a Sunday evening. Meg was Skyping with her mom, we got off skype at 11:55 because I had to go because my parking pass was gonna be up, I get up I grab my stuff and I'm on my way out the door when we hear all this honking, we were kind of annoyed like... who is honking so late, so loud and repetitively? just a bunch of hooligans right? no. it was freaking batman. 11:58 they started honking and we started to hear what the were yelling, "tow! tow! tow!". That truck was getting ready to take my car away, but those vigilantes had parked right in front of him, blocking his escape from the minuscule parking lot. I got towed just the week before. I run down there and by 12:00 he already had the claw thing behind my back two wheels and was just about to hoist it up onto his truck. He kept telling me it was 12:01 and that I still had to pay! what the heck? I got upset with him because I couldn't afford another 175$, especially not for following the rules. Things got way tense! Then Meg got all sad and almost started tearing up, and asked him gently, "please" I really admire that man for humbling himself and letting us go amidst some hostile vigilantes and an upset victim, but also... he was clearly wrong... and he couldn't possibly have gotten out of that parking lot with those kids there! hahahaha!

come on guys... whatever happened to parking tickets? boots? Freedom? Justice? AMERICA!?

- Kevin Baldwin

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